Yes, I DID Just Cream My Pants – Deadpool (FINALLY) Official Trailer Reaction

So if you’ve been anywhere on the Internet the past hour or so, just about everyone and their dogs are talking Deadpool, and for good reason. THE NEW TRAILER’S OUT!

Done watchin’? Good. Because that shit is AWESOME.

Yes, it’s the SDCC version, or even, SDCC trailer-lite. Some notable footage missing, like that gold Negasonic Teenage Warhead scene and cameos by [REDACTED], but saving those gags from the ones who haven’t seen SDCC’s potato-trailer is a good idea anyways.

The whole thing looks MILES better in glorious, glorious HD, and I must’ve looped the thing about four, five times by now. That aside, there’s not much to say since what I needed to say was said in my previous reaction article here. But hey, it looks good!

Also, if you’re one of those boring people or is at work, here’s a watered-down green band version, for your (not-quite-complete) viewing enjoyment. A lot of things cut and redubbed, but all things considered, it’s not /that/ bad. I am honestly going to flip if we get the watered-down version in theaters here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go change my pants.

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