Opinion: The Trailer Civil War (or Lack Thereof)

DISCLAIMER: What I’m about to write here is an opinion and in no way do I mean to call out specific people and/or instances on this. This is purely an observation and my thoughts on a situation that I find just a little bit annoying. If you do feel called out and/or offended, maybe it’s you who I have in mind. You’re no telepath, you have no way of knowing, right?

Lately, I felt that a part (not all, mind) of the Marvel fandom has slowly devolved into spoiled children, going on and on and on and on and bloody on about wanting the Civil War trailer. At first, the jokes about the trailer never coming were slightly funny, but a few weeks later, it just gets on my nerves every damn time it’s brought up. Today, the straw seems to have broken the camel’s back harder than Bane broke Batman when a certain influential social media account tweeted Marvel repeatedly about wanting the trailer. And then I thought, ‘here comes the legions of people following suit and asking Marvel for the trailer, YET AGAIN’.

If you’re just going to sit there and keep tweeting Marvel to release the trailer, please, don’t. If they have a trailer cut and ready to release, they /will/. In the meantime, why not check out the other great things Marvel has to offer? Agents of SHIELD is doing great what with the twists and turns of this Inhuman problem, and Jessica Jones drops in two weeks. If that’s not enough, keep in mind that TV and movies aren’t the only things Marvel is doing. All-New All-Different Marvel is now in full swing with new books coming out every other week, and is well worth checking out. If you’re a gamer, I hear Marvel Heroes is nice this time of year and the mobile fare (especially Future Fight with Elsa Bloodstone) is always a viable and cheaper alternative. There’s a LOT to keep you occupied while you wait for the trailer to drop. Hell, if you haven’t read the original Civil War event and want to know what to look for, why not check out the comic event that inspired it? And the Secret Wars Civil War tie-in is a whole lot of fun, too. While you’re at it, read Nextwave and clamor for a movie of THAT instead. I’ll love you if you do.

Marvel movies and the MCU isn’t the end-all, be-all Marvel. There are a LOT of things to explore and to enjoy. Broaden your horizons and dive deeper into the great works Marvel’s put out for the last 50+ years, you’ll thank me for it. This applies to both Marvel and DC, really. What we have being offered on films and TV isn’t all there is to these companies. They have decades and decades of history and amazing (some not-so-amazing, some downright pieces of bantha poodoo, but the point still stands) work that’s just there, ready to be enjoyed.

Tl;dr: For the love of God-Emperor Doom, the One-Above-All, the Panther God, and Fin Fang Foom’s titanic purple underpants, stop whining about the Civil War trailer not coming out. You’re making all of us look bad.

Note: Again, I reiterate that this post is not made to offend anyone, I’m just stating my views on the matter at hand. I do accept civilised discussion, so if you’d beg to differ or submit another perspective, contact me through whichever channels you prefer, as long as you keep it civilised. Stupidity begets stupidity, and rudeness begets rudeness.


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