Dead Trip-An Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 4, “Brujo” Review

I know, this review is late. Blame Jessica Jones (which is a GREAT show, by the way, and will probably be reviewed by someone else on this site) and my life being pretty busy. But I finally got to watch the latest episode and boy, is it a BLAST.

Even without Raimi at either writing or directorial duties, the show keeps its upward momentum in yet another fun trip (in many senses of the word) with Ash and his cronies.

Last we left off, Amanda is trapped with an undead Lionel, handcuffed to a pole. How will she get out of this predicament? Enter Ruby, badass extraordinaire, and cue savage undead beatdown.


The always flawless Lawless.

Meanwhile, on the way to Pablo’s shaman uncle, the trio are accosted by the Vague Evil Demon Fog of Doom (with the classic running camera effect). And so Ash decided to outrun it Fast and Furious-style. WITH NITROUS.


Yes, on the Old Classic.



With predictably disappointing results.

But hey, at least they made it safe for the most part to the Brujo’s place, and Kelly has some….strange headaches. Elsewhere, Ruby and Amanda bond over an impaled Deadite and reveals that Ruby has close ties to Ash’s past.


He Knowbys too much.

Back to Ash and his wolfpack, they meet Pablo’s uncle, the Brujo. Pablo theorises that Ash might be a jefe, a hero, which his uncle does confirm….along with several other additional conditions. Weak, slow, dim, old being some of them. Meanwhile, Kelly starts acting weird after the headaches she starts getting in the beginning of the episode.



He’s going on a trip.

After grilling Ash with choice words of wisdom, the Brujo takes Ash on a trip of the drug variety. And while Pablo plans to build Ash a new hand, Ruby has the genuine article he lost all those years back.



Looking as good as the day it was severed.

Back to Ash and his trip, shit starts getting weird, and melting faces and eyeballs in the Brujo’s mouth is just the start of it. A hit parade of late 70’s pop culture interspersed with Evil Dead 2 footage ensues. No Army of Darkness thanks to legal issues, sadly.


And let’s not even mention his great ValueStop roadtrip through Michigan.

And then comes the journey of self-discovery. Sack demons, chainsaws, talking iguanas, oh my!


Bet he didn’t see that one coming.

In which we find out his spiritual center.


Which looks a lot like Jacksonville, Florida. Exactly like, even.

Back in real life, Kelly’s headaches act up and a turns-out-to-be-possessed Kelly sabotages Pablo’s hand-construction plans. And Ash enjoys Jacksonville.


….at least before this shows up.

Deep in the middle of a drug trip and without the Brujo at his side, the possessed Kelly tries to mindfuck Ash. Which the demon does very, very well.


Good thing he has a man–well, lizard in his corner.

Eli manages to goad Ash into fighting back, but unfortunately, he’s actually strangling Kelly in real life as well. And so Pablo comes to the rescue. With a pestle to the back of Ash’s head. Everything is all well and peachy keen.


….for now.

Dabbling a little bit into the psychedelic side of horror this time around, the series so far manages to avoid the overly formulaic format of most shows these days and feels more like a long Evil Dead movie instead. With more Ruby, the fun drug trip scenes, and moving focus away from the Deadites to something that looks to be bigger, this is my favorite episode yet.

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