The Exorcism of Kelly Maxwell-An Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 5, “The Host” Review

Halfway through its 10-episode season, Ash vs Evil Dead continues to be one of my favorite shows currently on TV. And I don’t say it lightly, there are a lot of great shows on TV this year. This fifth episode, “The Host” continues the trend of strong showings from Ash and his crew.

Picking up right where the previous episode left off, we find Ash being framed by a possessed Kelly for attacking her. Once Ash is safely bound and gagged, the demon possessing Kelly makes its move, seducing Pablo with….deadly intent.


So I suppose it’s loaded with bongshot?


Meanwhile, Amanda and Ruby bond over a severed hand.


It’s like Google Maps, only handier.

And the Brujo tries to exorcise Ash’s nonexistent demons. With a chicken, among others.


Sinner sinner chicken dinner.

Pablo’s timidity ended up being his savior when his hesitation with Kelly’s advances eventually made the demon impatient and ‘Kelly’ ended up attacking him, giving Ash and the Brujo to (belatedly) come to the rescue and start their attempts to drive the demon out of Kelly’s body.


At least the chicken was put to good use.

The attempts continue, using various kinds of shamanic tools, to no avail. After loads of blood, sweat, tears, and a good bit of vomit, still no results. It wasn’t until Pablo offered himself up to be the new host that the demon is goaded out of Kelly.


That’s gotta be a mouthful.


As with the encounter at Books from Beyond Ash, Pablo and the Brujo has difficulties beating the demon.


With unfortunately deadly consequences.

It wasn’t until Ash embraced the mantra that he’s so famous for and shot first, think never that the demon was defeated.


Blue blood. So he’s royalty?


At the end of the day, everything ended well (aside from Pablo’s uncle dying). And everyone ended up getting character development. Pablo seems to have overcome his timidity a bit, Kelly’s spent most of the episode in the spotlight, and Ash has a new hand!



The end of this episode seems to signify Ash turning over a new leaf and becoming more mature, though I hope we’ll keep having him still be his bumbling old self. Aside from his and Pablo’s great character moments in the episode, it’s Dana DeLorenzo’s Kelly that truly deserves the MVP trophy this week. Kelly’s demonic possession and everything between her seducing Pablo to the downright chilling at times portrayal of the demon taking over her is nothing short of amazing.


Go team!

If there’s anything to nitpick about this episode, it’s that worrying trend that Ruby and Amanda seems to be two steps behind the gang in every step of the way, even halfway through the season. That, and the peculiar lack of laughs in this episode, though sometimes a turn for the serious is no cause for alarm. Unless we get a completely grimdark Ash next week.

Still, a very enjoyable episode, and one of the best in the show so far. Excited to see more.


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