Gore Galore-An Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 6 “Killer of Killers” Review

Yet another delayed edition of Ash vs Evil Dead review, I know. As always, shit that I wouldn’t go into detail here went down. On another note, shit also went down in this episode and it is GLORIOUS.

“The Killer of Killers” picks up right after Ash’s crew left the Brujo’s house, with Ruby and Amanda checking out the chaos they left behind. The horror knob was turned up as they search the cabin, ending up with the Brujo’s burnt remains being reanimated by the demons…only to be dispatched quickly by Ruby.


It’s quite ek-scything, really.

After a few choice words that might betray Ruby’s actual motives (or a smart bluff on the demon’s part), the Brujo’s husk threw himself along with Ruby into the funeral pyre, seemingly exploding. An explosion strangely lacking of Ruby parts. To make bad things worse for Amanda, Ash’s real hand seems to have up and left.


You know what they say about idle hands….

Elsewhere, Ash murders a plate of pancakes while the crew discuss their next move. Just right when we have a good team moment going, Ash seems to have second thoughts about letting Pablo and Kelly on the trip. A statement the two quickly wants to turn around, of course.


Murdered them like they were Deadites.

And then another one of Ash’s (probably soon doomed) friend Lem shows up. A real doomsday prepper-type, mooching off Ash for TP and ammo. The two talk guns, while Pablo and Kelly get over their awkwardness. Or try to, at least. And this is where shit starts getting weird.


They weren’t kidding when they said you won’t be able to put the book down.


And worse. Not long after, the Deadites attack Ash and co. at the diner. Cue massive gory extended fight scene made of pure awesome.


A lot of guts, and it’s definitely glorious.

Even Kelly and Pablo join in on the fun!


Never ask how a sausage is made.

Meanwhile, Lem, who manages to escape the slaughter, run off into the woods…..only to be caught by our old friend the tracking cam demon.


I was expecting something else. Something a little bigger and harder.

With Ruby and her superior officer gone, having witnessed Ash’s ‘heroism’, Amanda decides to join the crew. Ash is a happy, happy camper. And so are we.

While a little bit low on character development, this episode is great thanks to many things I’m sure made a lot of us fall in love with the franchise in the first place. Gory action scenes, a little touch of horror, and our favorite hero Ash Williams going back to his bumbling ways.

If I’m to be honest, this feels a little bit like a filler episode, but if the filler is as satisfying as this, I’m not complaining. While dipping just a little after last week’s stellar episode, this show keeps going on strong even five episodes without Raimi at the helm. The only bad news is that we only have four episodes before the crew’s journey this season come to an end. But hey, picked up for a second season!

My only gripe with this episode was no trees. That was the perfect setup for the trees. Oh, well. Onwards and upwards!



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