Doomed-sday Preppers-An Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 7 “Fire in the Hole” Review

After the gore-infested doozy that was ‘Killer of Killers’ last week, it’s only natural I came into ‘Fire in the Hole’ wanting even more. And in that department, this episode did NOT disappoint.

We pick back up from last week with the trio (now plus Amanda) arriving at Lem’s militia base, looking for weapons. As it turns out, the camp is under siege by Deadites.


All guts, no glory

The surviving militiamen capture the gang, and a misunderstanding ended up with them being separated. Ash and Amanda locked up in a bunker, Kelly and Pablo managing to escape but now trapped between the Deadites and angry rednecks.


Locked up underground thanks to a misunderstanding. Ring any bells?

Back at the Brujo’s place, Ruby is definitely more than she lets on. After being blown up last week, she revives (mostly) unscathed. Possible magic intervention, maybe?


Or maybe she’s just THAT tough

Back to our heroes, Pablo and Kelly bond over weapon choices while Amanda and Ash encounter the Deadite Lem. The two are hunted in the deep, dark corridors of the bunker while Pablo and Kelly ended up running into the militia and subsequently captured. Meanwhile, having managed to find clothes and her car, Ruby set out to find the missing hand. And she still has that Kandarian dagger.


It’s a dagger box now

Cue the gory portion of this episode. It kicks off with a gas mask Deadite attacking the militiamen who captured Kelly and Pablo, and a nice sequence involving pickup trucks, M16s, and a bunch of punching.


Talk about being stuck between a tree and a pickup

Down in the bunker, the hunt still continues. Threatening to blow the bunker up with Ash and Amanda still in it, a fight ensues and it is one of the more stylish pure-fun sequences in the whole series.


Neo, eat your heart out

And in the end, we get another glimpse of aging lothario and mediocre pickup artist Ash Williams, which is pretty refreshing in between his flashes of competence. Which funnily, Amanda seems to be pretty receptive to.


I can’t believe it either, but here we are. Before being rudely interrupted by Pablo and Kelly.

After gathering weapons for the trip and another quick bonding moment, the gang prepare to set out for the cabin where it all began…..if it weren’t for Ash disappearing.


Obligatory team shot

Ash’s hand seems to be ten steps (or ten hands?) ahead of everyone else and arrived at the cabin already. Just what does the hand want? We’ll find out next week.


So can this be called a walkabout?

Closing in to the end of the season, this series keeps its momentum after the almost filler-like feel of last week. This episode has all of the makings of a great one. Lots of laughs, a dash of horror, copious amounts of gore, and oodles of character development. This one will probably make it somewhere in my top five episode of the season based on just how much fun it is. On to the next one!

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