Handchop Cabin-An Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 8 “Ashes to Ashes” Review

Talk about a weekend of nostalgia. After Star Wars earlier this week, Ash vs Evil Dead goes back to the cabin where it all began. Longtime fans, prepare to be assaulted by memories.

After ditching the crew to leave for the cabin all by himself, finding little resistance on the way there. Aside from a Deadite bird. Yes, it’s as funny as it sounds.


Home is where the demonic murder spree is

Within minutes of arrival, the memories all come rushing back. As Ash steels himself to go back in, Amanda manages to catch up with him. After a little hesitation, the two enter the cabin and tour all the sights. From the old cellar, the mounted deer head, to the tape recorder that started the whole mess in the first place.


Someone’s got an eye and hand on you

Meanwhile, Kelly and Pablo got lost after splitting up to look for Ash. In what couldn’t in any way be a coincidence, they run into hikers passing by and ask them to help find the way to the cabin. Back at the cabin, Ash gets another blast from the past.


Ash really needs to get his head in the game

Back inside, Amanda finds Professor Knowby’s notes on the Kandarian Dagger that Ruby has with her and….runs into Ash. Who ends up seducing her and turns out to be none other than Bad Ash. Or a reasonable facsimile of him that doesn’t cause any legal problems, at least. Pesky movie rights.


Too bad his hand isn’t as smooth as his talking

The actual Ash, meanwhile, is still trapped in the shed, battling demons of his past, literal and figurative while Bad Ash ends up fighting with Amanda. And loses yet another hand.


He needs a hand. And I need to stop with these hand puns

But all of it was for naught, as Bad Ash did end up killing Amanda with delicious, delicious irony.


Guess she got horn–I’ll stop there

Finally dealing with Linda at the cost of a hand, Actual Ash comes too late to save Amanda and after a tearful farewell, the rest of the gang caught up with them and cue short Who’s On First routine before Actual Ash storms off to find Bad Ash.


Mirror match!

While easily one of the best parts of the episode, the fight is abruptly cut off as the episode ends.

And there, in my opinion, is one of the weaknesses of the half-hour format. While most episodes so far end in good places, some others end just when it was getting good. This one, for instance. Kelly and Pablo was also criminally underused after turning in great performances in the last few episodes, and the lack of Ruby follow-up is glaring as well.

That said, this episode was a blast from the past for Ash and us the viewers both. Longtime fans will be delighted at all the callbacks that just goes to show how that faithful cabin trip still affects Ash so much, even after more than 30 years. Only two more episodes until the season finale, and I couldn’t be more excited. All we need now is the tree to show up.


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