Shit Gets Real-An Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 9 ‘Bound in Blood’ Review

With one more episode until the season finale and how the last episode ended, most of my weekdays were little more than another day in the way of another Ash vs Evil Dead episode. And now that it’s here, there was much rejoicing to be had.

Picking up right after the two Ashes duke it out in the previous episode, Pablo and Kelly has to find out which Ash is the actual Ash using the time-honored tradition of asking things that the impostor won’t know. But at the end of the day, the real Ash outed himself and the two ‘sidekicks’ found out the best way—By Ash’s trademark brand of idiocy. And all before the opening title!


Williams & Williams, a great double act cut before its time.

With the we-know-they’ll-probably-die-screaming hikers returning, Pablo and Kelly decide to take them out of the woods while Ash go and clean up the literal bloody mess inside.


Juuuust the two of us~

As is usual for Ash, the blood spilled from his cleanup efforts ended up waking the Necronomicon, which promptly starts trying to tempt Ash. He might be a bumbling idiot, but his dedication to fighting the good fight is quite admirable. At least the times when he’s not an insufferable ass. And when he’s just about to go chop up Amanda to stop her from Deadite-ness, her body disappeared.


Now it’s the Necronomicool.

Back in the woods, the doomed hikers along with Pablo and Kelly meets—guess who?


No prizes for this one.

In a surprising display of incompetence bordering on ludicrous, two of the hikers ended up dying at Amanda’s hand (literally) and the other one screaming her head off. Fortunately, Ruby comes to the rescue.


Assassin’s Creed up in this bitch.

A little interruption from Heather the Hiker gave Deadite Amanda enough time to run away, and in a refreshing display of genre-savviness after the burst of incompetence earlier, Ruby starts cutting up the two dead hikers to deny the Deadites their bodies.

Back at the cabin, everyone meets everyone, the alive ones at least, and Ash immediately gets into an argument with Ruby on how to deal with the Necronomicon. They finally agreed on using Ruby’s way, by defacing the book.



In an obvious act of potential badness, Ruby wants the book and talks about an ‘ownership ritual’, something Ash agrees on doing. Cue thunder, rumbling, and overall bad vibes along with ominous dead language chanting.

At the most inopportune moment, the skinned face of the Necronomicon reacted with Pablo’s necklace and like last time, it was mutually attracted to each other, ending up with Pablo being an unwilling The Mask cosplayer.


I won’t say the big reveal here, but you perceptive readers might’ve deciphered it already. The reveal wasn’t exactly something I didn’t see coming, but it makes things interesting all the same.

While the two Ashes fighting could go on a little longer and some parts were very predictable, the episode overall is still a very fun one nonetheless. Pablo and Kelly’s sudden bout of extreme incompetence did feel rather off for me, but it wasn’t at all a dealbreaker.

Only one more episode, and I cannot be more excited for this series. With a second season on the way and all that’s been going on, how could I not?

After two full episodes in the cabin, I think I’ve pretty much given up hope on seeing the tree.


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