Cobra Rules – G.I. Joe Deviations Review

“G.I. Joe is the codename for America’s daring highly-trained special mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom from Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.”

We’ve all heard of it, I’m sure most of us know it by heart. And we all root for the Joes to kick Cobra ass time and time again. But what if they fail? That’s the question G.I. Joe Deviations is trying to answer.

G.I. Joe scribe Paul Allor and artist Corey Lewis answers this question the in the best way possible. Cobra somehow manages to successfully put their weather machine to good use and destroyed G.I. Joe, ushering in a planet that is COBRA.


“And knowing is half the–BOOM”? I’m sure it doesn’t go like that.

So you’ve ruled the world, what next?

And that, is the next question. Cobra is an organization determined to /rule/ the world, not /run/ the world. Cobra Commander is even more so. The New Cobra Order has no place for harebrained schemes and ridonkulous doomsday weapons. What it has, however, is massive boredom for everyone in the Cobra inner circle. And so, Commander hatches the most ridiculous of ridiculous schemes: Give what’s left of G.I. Joe the means to rise up and fight the power.


I’d wear a Cobra Commander design.

And this concept proves to be a winner. You’d think this concept would be played extremely seriously, but Allor plays this humorously, complete with some nods to the old eighties cartoon series. The action alternates between funny and awesome in a heartbeat, then back again. The Cobra inner circle, in particular, have their skills put to other uses like corporate espionage, IT support, and even restarting Cold Slither.


Or going home and becoming a family man.

Walker’s art fits the whole vibe of the book well, being cartoony but with a slight edge reminiscent of Jim Mahfood. Besides the sprinkling of nice little visual gags throughout the comic, the action scenes are great, albeit short. My favourite would be Jinx and Snake Eyes (now sporting trainers and a Hawaiian shirt instead of full ninja gear) going up against Croc Master, but the other action sequences are highlights of their own. The real winner here are the redesigns Walker made to the cast, including aforementioned Snake Eyes and the almost Trigon-like Cobra Commander. And who knew Scarlett would look cute with a buzzcut?


Maybe the shirt is in honor of Chuckles?

All in all, this is a Deviation I’d like to see more of. As it is, the book is a very fun ride from start to finish. You eagle-eyed Street Fighter fans might be in for a treat, too. Just saying.

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