Super Issue 2 Turbo HD Remix – Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #2 Review

Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #2, as before, provides one of the best fight-based stories outside of professional wrestling. On the card this time:

  • Major Guile, master of the Sonic Boom and renowned family man takes on Ragin’ Cajun Joe Gung-Ho
  • Butt of a thousand jokes and the only guy who can look good in a pink gi Dan Hibiki up against Interpol agent and owner of the best legs in the franchise Chun-Li
  • The Phoenix Master, Storm Shadow, wrestling Gator Master Croc Master and his alligator
  • Shadaloo head and not the boxer guy M. Bison will fight his own former puppet, Cammy

So American you’d grow eagle feathers just by looking at it.

Sitterson doesn’t waste any time getting into the fights, establishing a little more of the plot as it goes. As it turns out, some of the Street Fighters are in league to take down Bison, and some fighters are not as innocent as they seem. And Bison? You thought he put himself in the tourney for kicks? Of course not.


More like a No-douken, amirite?

Writing and art in this series is almost inseparable. With that in mind, Emilio Laiso and David Garcia Cruz’s art shines in making every fight look as great as possible. Yes, even the squash matches. My personal favourite out of this one was the Gung-Ho vs Guile fight. As short as it was, the idea of a knock-down drag-out brawl between these two bruisers is something I’d really like to see. Bonus points to the Storm Shadow vs Croc Master fight, because ninjas vs crocodiles.


That’s one apex predator crossed off the list. Storm Shadow vs Randy Orton when?

While the whole thing feels a little more ‘thin’ than the previous issue, SF X Joe #2 still manages to be one of the most fun books out right now. It’s still the dream crossover no one saw coming, after all.

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