Word of God-Preacher Episode 2 ‘See’ Review

After a week’s break, Preacher returns this week in its second episode, ‘See’. This episode is quite an eventful one, setting up two of series’ biggest characters and Jesse starting to get the hang of his powers.


I assure you this didn’t suddenly turn into a John Wayne movie

The episode kicks off with a Wild West-era scene out from the left field….for newcomers, at least. The man who would become the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) makes his debut here as a taciturn gunman looking for medicine to treat his child. Further down the road, the vile little man Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley) of Quincannon Meat and Power who I bet we’ll see more (than we can stomach) of also show up in a roof-raising manner.


Elsewhere, Jesse is trying out his newfound powers to stop a would-be pedophile, trying his best to not let Tulip drag him back down to his old ways. And as always, Cassidy is being a loveable asswipe as usual. The mysterious duo Fiore & DeBlanc are also out to extract Jesse’s powers, even if it means cutting it out of him.


You wouldn’t believe the night these guys had.

And that leads to easily the best moment in the episode. Cassidy trying to stop Fiore & DeBlanc from cutting Jesse open resulted in a borderline gory slapstick fight in Jesse’s church involving bibles, chainsaws, severed arms, and cockshots with pews. It’s glorious and more than slightly reminiscent of Evil Dead. All the better.


I smell running gag.

This episode does feel like it has a lot to show and while it does feel a little bit crowded, this episode is still a lot of fun, though Tulip doesn’t get to do too much in this one. A small step down from the pilot, but the church fight more than makes up for it.