Homecoming-Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 1: ‘Home’ Review


The kids aren’t alright

Once again, the Hero from the Sky graces us again with his presence in the second season of Starz’s hit gore-horror-comedy series, Ash vs Evil Dead. This time around, Ash has to grapple with demons both figurative and literal as he returns to his hometown, Elk Grove, where the cabin incident decades ago has made him an infamous figure, even spawning (an admittedly catchy) rhyme by the title of Ashy-Slashy.


Even Eli gets in on the action!

Following not long after the end of the first season where a truce is made between Ash and Ruby, Ash and his compadres are partying it up in (say it with me now) Jacksonville, Florida. But as we all know, nothing ever goes right in Ashland. When the truce is broken and the blood starts flowing, you know we’re in for a treat. And boy, what a bloody treat it is. The first action sequence is the Evil Dead action sequence you know and love, with oodles of gore and a healthy helping of slapstick. And the iconic shot from last season is back! Sorta.


Guess what happens

With the truce out the window, Ash and his crew make their way to Ash’s hometown Elk Grove, where they never really got over the cabin incident. We even meet Ash’s dad Brock, who is living proof the rotten apple falls not far from the rotting tree. The trio soon make their way to the crematorium where after a heated battle with the demon kids from last season (all grown up!), an uneasy alliance is made with Ruby to find the Necronomicon, banish the demon kids back to hell, and save the world.


Mandatory Hero Shot

In true AvED fashion, the episode gets going and never stops until the credits roll. It’s endless fun from start to finish with a lot of laughs and a rare look into Ash. Not macho wannabe Casanova Ash, but an Ash whose past caught up to him. As always stellar work from the main cast makes this an even more enjoyable ride I can’t wait to continue on for the next few months. Ash is back, baby.


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