The Biggest Asshole-Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 ‘The Morgue’ Review

It’s the second episode of Ash vs Evil Dead’s sophomore season and the ante just keeps going up. With Team Ash (plus Ruby) finally together, all that’s left is to find the Necronomicon. Easy, right? Oh, if only. Besides, it wouldn’t be any fun if it’s all easy-peasy in Ashy-Land.


I want his room

After a quick stop at Casa Williams and our first-ever look at Ash’s cool digs, Ash and Kelly head off to find the Necronomicon hidden in a body in the local morgue, while Pablo and Ruby play Twenty Questions. What goes down in the morgue is possibly one of the most creative, gross, and balls-out hilarious action set pieces in any Evil Dead media ever.


I know Ash has his head pretty far up his ass, but this is getting ridiculous (WARNING: DONG)

While the ass-clenching and butt-kicking happens in the morgue, Pablo soon discovers he has some distressing new…gifts, courtesy of the Necronomicon. Did I mention there was a gym teacher Deadite trying to seduce Ash and instead ended up meeting Ash’s dad? And a pretty kickass fight with Ruby and Pablo against that Deadite. Good stuff. In the end, as always, Ash’s bumbling will be what takes us into the next episode. Just the way we like it.


First still from Fifty Shades of Ruby

While the ass sequence definitely steals the show with Bruce Campbell selling the SHIT (pun intended) out of it, the interplay and verbal jabs between Kelly and Pablo is at an all-time great this episode. And very quotable. So far, Ruby as the exposition lady and occasional badass is great as well, and she makes a good foil to Ash’s antics. Round it up with Ash’s dad being every inch as Ash as his son, and you have another fun, bloody, and shitty (in a good way) episode of AvED.


I heard it’s pretty old wood


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