Helldelta-Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Last Call’ Review



The day before this episode aired, Evil Dead celebrated its 35th anniversary of its premiere. Fittingly, this episode begins with one of the stalwarts of the Evil Dead franchise, Ash’s trusty Oldsmobile Delta, given a lovely tribute video package showing just how much the Old Classic means to Ash. And how. For all intents and purposes, the good ol’ Delta becomes more of a character in this episode.


Not many bonds stronger than a boy and his car

After the car got stolen last episode and taken on a joyride with some high school students, the Drafter finally finds a way to the Necronomicon, possessing the Delta and ending up with it going on a murderous rampage giving even Ghost Rider and his Hellcharger a run for their money. Elsewhere, we finally meet Ash’s high school best buddy, Chet Kaminski (Ted Raimi), and it is GLORIOUS. Their friendship is exactly what you’d expect from a guy like Ash and his equally dopey buddy. It’s actually oddly heartwarming.


It’s like the an R-rated Hellcharger

In other news, Ruby finaly gets sick of Ash’s harebrained schemes and persuades Kelly to join her, hinting there’s more to Kelly than what we’ve seen so far. And Ash finally sets aside his differences with his dad….IN A GLORIOUS DUEL OF MECHANICAL BULL. But considering this is Ash, the feel-good moment is quickly dashed and another mystery is thrown into the mix. Ash vs Evil Dead, everybody!


Old man’s still got moves in him

This episode has it all. Crazy demon-possessed car, father-son bonding, laughs, tears, everything. It’s definitely the strongest in the season so far, and it opens a whole new can of worms for Ash to deal with other than the imminent coming of Baal and Ruby breaking off from the group alongside Kelly. Can’t wait for next week! And remember kids, never take a Pink Fuck.


World’s. Worst. Swirlie.


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