• Dana

I’m Dana, the guy with the jokes who likes a LOT of stuff. Comics, movies, wrestling, video games, and more. Marvel guy at heart, but I read just about every other publisher. Lifelong Star Wars fan, recently-converted old-school action and horror aficionado. Gamer since birth, and occasional reader of novels. I’m a sucker for wordplay, witty banter, great action sequences, and amazing fight scenes. Yes, I’m a sucker for spectacle, but it’s nothing without a good story to stand on. I also watch bad movies for fun.

  • Devina

“If the fandom fits, hit it.” It’s probably my motto when it comes to fandoms. Yo, name’s Devina. Enthusiast for all sorts of things: novels, comic books, TV shows, movies, music, stage musicals… You name a fandom, I probably was (or still am!) in it. Hopeless romantic at almost all times, a harsh critic during others. Sucker for great writing (read: feels), spot-on characterizations, and epic incidental music.

  • Madinna

Hae, I’m Madinna, the girl who /desperately/ wants to be Wanda Maximoff. Anyway, just like those two kids, I’m drowning in a lot of fandoms. Well, I like movies, TV series, and football (not American, OK?), and I have an unhealthy obsession with love and sappy poetry. For comic books, I only read Marvel at the moment, still on my way to fall to the hole of other comic books fandoms.